Welcome on WordiZ blog. Here we will try to give you an intense training on how to use WordiZ and how to improve your online authority. We will to invite a lot of guestbloggers to give you the best directions in these two topics.

In addition to that, you will find some tips on how to configure your website correctly for the authorship attribution. These posts will be a little bit more technical, and you may have questions about that. Do not hesitate to leave a comment after each post. The community/team is willing to help.

Why Use Authorship?

Author signatureFor years bloggers and website owners have complained about people stealing their texts and duplicating their content. With the Search Engine Results Positions (SERP) race, many of them were even loosing at this game.

Nowadays, no perfect solution exists yet, but are closer than ever to reach one. By adding a ‘signature’ on your texts, you can keep track of everything you ever wrote on the web. People at Google used the term “authorship attribution” to describe the simple fact of signing a content with your name.

By doing so, search engines and web tools like WordiZ can track your writings and associate your name with a global environment. It becomes easy to know that are a specialist in science or in children-care by collecting the blog posts your have written some months ago.

Therefore, if you want to make the most out of WordiZ, you need to have a signature on your blog posts to tell us that you were the actual writer of the text. We will collect many articles on our Authorship category to help you having the code correctly implemented on your website.

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