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WordiZ Weekly – 15 September 2013

As every Sunday, we’ll share the articles we enjoyed reading about content marketing, blogging or inbound marketing. If you miss one of them during the week, now you have time to read the most important post of the week. This time we share articles about the Content Marketing World 2013, a list of 10 content leaders, advices on how to create quality content and a recipe for your future inbound strategy.

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Creating an inbound marketing strategy

by Luke Summerfield (September 11th 2013)

Luke writes a very complete review about how to plan and set up a very efficient inbound marketing strategy to attract and convert visitors into clients. He talks about buyer personnas, the customer buying cycle how to funnel your visitors through different steps and finally how to improve your SEO. It is the article you should have read this week.

Customer Buying Cycle

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What Exactly Does Google Consider High Quality Marketing Content?

by Bill Faeth (September 5th 2013)

When you start writing a piece of content you need to think of your readers in the first place but also to search engines like Google or Bing. Here Bill explains how we can create quality content both for humans and Google. A great resource for those who care about SEO when doing content creation.

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10 Leaders Changing The Content Landscape

by John Hall (September 8th 2013)

Content creation landscape can be very fuzzy and finding influencers out there is not a trivial task. That is what we aim for at WordiZ, but before opening our beta to the world we should mention this very interesting piece of writing from John Hall for Forbes.

He lists 10 major leaders in the world of content creation including LinkedIn, HubSpot, American Express or The Huffington Post among others. An original post that is worth reading to get ideas.

Dharmesh Shah from Hubspot

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Content Marketing World 2013 Wrap-Up

by Devin Harper (September 5th 2013)

Last week in Cleveland Ohio, a very important meeting for content marketer was live : the Content Marketing World 2013. Devin writes here a very nice review about these three days of event, full with inspiring talks.

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