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Wix $50K SEO Hero Contest

We all know about WordPress! And most of us also know about WIX. If you don’t, Wix is an online CMS platform to create your website. The website builder allows you to select a template to start quickly and get a simple one page site or a complex e-commerce.

It has been relatively famous that getting great positions in SERP with a Wix site was difficult. Many seo professional complained on forums that it was always better to start from scratch on a new CMS than trying to work on Wix.

Despite many attempts to change the way people think about their SEO, Wix has not yet been able to change the mainstream opinion. But this might be changing soon.

Wix has just announced a SEO contest with $50K for the winner. They are competing against the world, and want to prove that Wix is great for SEO. They probably know what they’re doing by offering this amount of money 😉

How to enter the contest ?

The contest rules are available in PDF.  Here are the main rules for this SEO HERO contest :

Basically, only white hat techniques can be used,  your content should be in English, about one or several SEO heroes of yours, the domain name should be purchased for this occasion, and you should be able to share your google analytics and search console to the organizers to prove you have not been using black hat techniques.

How is the winner determined

The winning SEO Hero website will be determined according to the following :

So, you need to rank first most of the time between March 13th and March 15th to win the contest.


If you win, well, you’ll get a $50K price. Otherwise, if Wix wins, it will offer $25K to charity, and will split the remaining $25K to the 3 Alternate Winners (those who rank 1st, 2nd and 3rd after Wix website).

Therefore :


So this contest is a really great opportunity to SEO professionals who want to compare their skills. If you plan on taking part in the challenge, drop us a comment below and will will try to help you.