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How to display your best articles on the web ?

We already presented our WordPress widget to showcase your best articles. We made some improvement to the basic widget and want to share with you the new features. The widget is useful for authors who are using the G+ authorship system. It takes in input your Google+ id and list your most shared articles on […]

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A wordpress widget to showcase your best articles

So, as most of us, you have decided to use authorship attribution on your website. Of course you are not tagging only your own blog, but also guest posts on different domains. Now what if you want to display your best articles in one place ? This would have been tricky before, but thanks to […]

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WordPress plugin to show social shares in your admin panel

If you have ever wondered how you can quickly sort out buzzing articles from your wordpress articles, WordiZ has developed a plugin to help you. WordiZ Admin Social Shares is a wordpress extenssion that will allow you to see the number of shares of your article directly from the backend administration panel.

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