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The Faq about Elokenz

Repost working principles and philosophy

Repost by Elokenz, in a few words Repost is the first tool from our content marketing toolbox Elokenz.  It allows you to post and recycle automatically your articles on social media. All you have to do is add your articles URLs on the app, connect your social media accounts and write different messages for each article. The […]

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WordiZ becomes Elokenz

When this blog was initially started it was covering news for our previous platform “WordiZ”. The service was initially thought just to be an author rank system. We were aggregating your articles and judging on social signals we were able to discover the category of blogger you were belonging to : casual blogger, experienced blogger, […]

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Explaining the Z-Impact – The Author Visibility Factor

When we made the first released WordiZ last week, we only included two features : a listing of your top articles (on twitter, google and facebook) and the display of average likes/RTs/+1 of your articles. We are proud to announce that you now have access to a Z-Impact score which is shown on your profile […]

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