Wordiz becomes Elokenz

WordiZ becomes Elokenz

When this blog was initially started it was covering news for our previous platform “WordiZ”. The service was initially thought just to be an author rank system. We were aggregating your articles and judging on social signals we were able to discover the category of blogger you were belonging to : casual blogger, experienced blogger, professional web journalist… and so on.

However, we realized that we could do so much more than that. Ranking people is nice, but there is always so many things you can do on top of that. Hence, we decided to go for the more creative way, and to build a new set of tools for bloggers, web journalists and community managers.

Our team took some time in brainstorming sessions and we decided that the first goal we wanted to achieve was to help online authors to engage with more readers. Why would we do that ? Actually, with WordiZ we realized that the main difference between famous bloggers and the rest of the crowd was the level of engagement. Famous bloggers take time to answer the most insignificant comment on their blog and to follow discussions on social media.

Brainstorming session

As a consequence, the solution comes under the shape of an “engagement management platform” (does it sounds too geeky ?). We will progressively release tools to help you managing your readers, engage conversation and transform them into evangelist of your blog, journal or product.

So our application changes its name and becomes Elokenz.

Wordiz becomes Elokenz

Give a Try to Elokenz

We have worked hard during the past weeks to release the first tools and we are already pretty happy about the result. If you are tagging your articles with the authorship markup, you can already use our tool. Take a step in and be my guest, connect to our brand new dashboard :

Google+ signin

The UX might not be optimal at the moment and few things might be missing to have a top star product, but if we manage to validate the product and get some initial customers, be sure that this will evolve pretty quickly.

Help us

As this service is still really young let us know if you find any bug or if you have any suggestion. We need you to make the application better. Drop a comment below or contact us through Reddit.

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A last word : at this stage we have worked a lot and don’t know the interest for the product yet. So, if you like the idea and think it is worth sharing it around, please do it. We would be really glad to read stories about Elokenz on the web. If you do so, please send us the link. We will love to share it in return.