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How to create, maintain and apply a content marketing strategy within your team.

How to create a content strategy for inbound marketing?

In this post we are introducing the concept of inbound/content mapping: a framework that allows companies to create and describe their content marketing strategy on a macro level. This framework helps to keep all the inbound marketing team aligned when it comes to content creation. It has the advantage of being useful for any inbound […]

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6 tips to know what your readers want to read

You may have found yourself out of ideas when starting a new article, or you may have wondered if your new article was going to interest your audience. To write content that will work, you first have to ask yourself a few questions. What do your readers expect from your blog ? What type of […]

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6 reasons why you should define your readers personas

Personas are a great tool used in marketing and in user-centered design to help better vizualize your audience, understand their needs and behaviours and to effectively improve your results. In blogging, they can also be used to improve your content strategy and the quality of your articles. We have decided to list six reasons why you […]

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