New ZImpact bar

New WordiZ Impact BarInitially, the display of your score has been made in a bubble like tooltip on top of your profile picture. But today, things have changed. The new ZImpact bar is out !

We are glad to roll out this new graphical bar that shows your level on a rainbow color scale bar. It’s a great occasion for you to share your profile and get a higher score.

If your score is 12, it means that you have at least 12 articles with 12 shares on every social networks. You want to improve that value? Try to write a new post and get 13 shares on every social network… but that’s not all. You also need to have your 12 previous articles now being shared 13 times.

It is a tough work, but this is how you get to be famous and visible.

Help tooltips

We also implemented new tooltips to help you understanding your profile page. So, check them out by rolling your mouse over the different numbers of your profile.