Social automation done right

Taking the leap into social media automation can be a real struggle. “Saving time” vs “Sounding robotic”, “Being consistent” vs “Drowning your audience with content”… Here are a few arguments that might help you take this decision.

Go green


I’ve blogged about these topics many times before. So many times that I forgot about some of my old posts from seven or eight years back. They may occasionally receive some social media love — and many of them position well — but they are basically “forgotten.”

That’s when I had my brainstorm.

Instead of reinventing the wheel and writing brand new posts, why not make my existing posts better?

“Why I’m Recycling My Old Content (And You Should Too!).”


Give a second life to your evergreen articles! You once spent time and money on writing those pieces of content and some might still be relevant today. You may need to refresh some references or to add a few lines to update it. You might even want to change the format by repurposing it and share it to a new audience. Overall it will save you a lot of time and money to recycle your old content. Reposting your old articles will also add content to your daily feed and it will help you be more consistent, which is key on social media.

Be relevant

It can get really annoying to see this same post in your feed every day, especially if the subject doesn’t interest you. The fact is, you want to share your content but you don’t want to drown your audience with the same content every x days. Plus, you want your content to be relevant to your readers and to the platform it is shared on. The solution is to automate content that perform best more often on each social media platform. With the right automation tool, you will be able to have your readers’ feedback and to optimize the content you share.

Don’t sound like a robot

Your brand voice sounding like a machine is probably the first concern you have when considering automation. The same message posted over and over again gives your audience the impression that you aren’t really « there ». By setting up a number of different messages to be shared, you will be able to present your content from a different perspective, to give your audience a different preview/extract of your article each time and, most of all, to not sound robotic.

Optimize posting times

Posting the right content is not all it takes. Optimizing posting times is important to reach your audience. Unfortunately, there is no “right time” to post content and results may vary for different businesses. But you can start by optimizing your posting for each social media channel and then see what works best for your content by analyzing your readers’ feedback.

Don’t rely only on automation


Automating social media can save you a lot of time in your busy schedule. But social media is by nature a social, personal platform.

Mike Gingerich

How to Automate Social Media without Seeming Like a Robot


Automation will help you save a lot of time. It doesn’t mean that you should rely only on it and visit your social media channels only now and then. The times you schedule should be times when you are available so that you can respond quickly if you get feedback on social media. Automation will give you more time to interact and connect with your audience.


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