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Google+ URL posting : 4 Facts to optimize SEO and Social Trust

Writing an appealing and interesting Google+ post is not the only thing one might know when posting an URL on the social network. In this post I detail several technical facts that you should keep in mind when posting to increase your SEO and enforce social trust. You will learn which URL can be indexed […]

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How to display your best articles on the web ?

We already presented our WordPress widget to showcase your best articles. We made some improvement to the basic widget and want to share with you the new features. The widget is useful for authors who are using the G+ authorship system. It takes in input your Google+ id and list your most shared articles on […]

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Twitter Chat with @jice_lavocat during #VCBuzz on July 15

Join us on Twitter to discuss Google Authorship and the engagement of your readers on a special #VCBuzz Twitter chat next Tuesday (July 15). The title is Make the Most of Google Plus Interactions. During this Twitter Chat, Ann Smarty and the folks from VCBuzz will ask Jean-Christophe Lavocat about Google Plus, Elokenz, the Authorship system, and […]

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WordiZ becomes Elokenz

When this blog was initially started it was covering news for our previous platform “WordiZ”. The service was initially thought just to be an author rank system. We were aggregating your articles and judging on social signals we were able to discover the category of blogger you were belonging to : casual blogger, experienced blogger, […]

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Google Trends unveils the power of Google Knowledge Graph

This article has initially been written in French to explain how Google Trends was receiving more and more advanced semantic features. It’s never easy to translate, so I will try my best to adapt my original copy to English. Google is semantic and will be even more In 2014, the advantage is that we don’t […]

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A wordpress widget to showcase your best articles

So, as most of us, you have decided to use authorship attribution on your website. Of course you are not tagging only your own blog, but also guest posts on different domains. Now what if you want to display your best articles in one place ? This would have been tricky before, but thanks to […]

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Where do people share your articles ?

Alright, you have written dozen of articles on your blog now, and you successfully have tagged them as the official author. In addition to that, you got offered some guest blogging offers through your connexions and via MyBlogGuest.  So essentially you start running a successful blogger life, but you feel a unsatisfied with the standard […]

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Find all the people who share your articles on Google+

Have you ever wonder how it was possible to build your Google+ fan base ? It is easy, of course, to find who have you in circle, but not to know who has ever shared one of your article. Say you are writing on several blogs and want to collect the list of people who […]

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New ZImpact bar

Initially, the display of your score has been made in a bubble like tooltip on top of your profile picture. But today, things have changed. The new ZImpact bar is out ! We are glad to roll out this new graphical bar that shows your level on a rainbow color scale bar. It’s a great […]

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Author ranking on WordiZ – November 2013

The number of users on went over 260 in November, which makes more or less 16 000 articles saved in our database. It is really great and we are proud of your engagement. Because this little community also allow us to give out some statistics, here is the top 10 authors on WordiZ. Jean-Marc […]

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