Elokenz first birthday

Elokenz is turning 1 year old

Elokenz is celebrating its first year as a publicly available tool. We wanted to celebrate this by sharing two stories with you:

  • The first one is really analytical and will give you numbers and all the fancy stuff people like to brag about. If you like success stories, this is the part you will want to read about us 🙂
  • The second part is more genuine. It will take you through the ups and downs we have been facing, with all the dilemmas we encountered. If you are an entrepreneur and ever experienced the imposteur syndrome, this is the part you will want to read 🙂

Oh, and on page 3 we offer a special discounts for new customers.


Elokenz is celebrating its first year. Last October we released Repost, and we are now serving 1500 users worldwide, generating thousands daily clicks to their content and our growth during the last semester has been incredible.

Our free plan allows each user to save dozen of hours every week… and we are really proud of that. One user even told me she managed to save more time to take care of her baby 🍼 thanks to Elokenz .

Well, if that’s not convincing you to try us, read on 😃.

Part 1: Elokenz in numbers

If you have never heard about Elokenz Repost before, head to our product homepage to get a glimpse. It will help you to understand our numbers.

Click the picture to see it in full size :

Elokenz First Birthday - Infographic

Over the last twelve months:

We saved 310 000 articles in our database. Most of them are not used, and have been imported automatically via RSS.

Over 9500 Reposts have been configured in the app, and users created 20 400 variations to share their articles.

We have a total of 995 social accounts connected, and so far, Elokenz posted 28 400 times on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Elokenz generated over 885 000 clicks to your content! That’s so awesome 💥

Here is where the traffic occurred:

  • Facebook: 83%
  • Twitter: 13%
  • LinkedIn: 4%

Daily we generate 2425 clicks to our users’ content.

Worldwide time-saving

Since day 1, Elokenz has been an international tool. Today it is used in 85 countries (according to Wikipedia, there are 195 countries in the World).

Here is the top-5 countries using Elokenz (in terms of users):

  • 🇫🇷 France (38%)
  • 🇺🇸 USA (20%)
  • 🇮🇹 Italy (7%)
  • 🇬🇧 UK (4%)
  • 🇩🇪 Germany (1%)
  • 🌏 … rest of the world (30%)

In average, active users connect once every two weeks. They mostly add new articles and check their stats. When they come, they spend on average 10 minutes per session…  It’s less than the time I usually spend daily on Twitter or Facebook. So much time saved⏳.

2017 Record


A few Elokenz users received over 50,000 clicks, but our record-woman has only been a member since last March. She generated 135 000 clicks in total, which averages to 19,285 clicks per months thanks to Repost.

Two things to explain that huge number. First she has an active Facebook page, with 4,000 fans. Each of her posts receives more than 20 comments in average, so her Facebook reach is higher than usual. Second, as Repost is promoting traffic-generating articles, it adapted pretty quickly to her active audience.

So, congrats to you Katarina 👏

How we got there

As I told you earlier, a more detailed story is available in part 2. But here are a few numbers about how we got where we are now.

Sixteen members blogged about their Elokenz experience. This constantly drives a big chunk of traffic.

Our first acquisition channel so far has been BetaList. It generated 165 signups, and most of them are still active users.

We got our first revenue 15 days after we opened our beta to the public. This has been pretty exciting for us 👍 … but the real story is that this first user unsubscribed after one month 👎.  We were so depressed when this happened. But there was no reason to be. Until now, this user has been the only one to unsubscribe from a Premium plan. Who knows, we might be lucky  … 🍀

Here is a quick breakdown of our acquisition channels:

  • Referral (45%)
  • Direct (41%)
  • Social (9%)
  • Search (5%)

So far we have been using paid marketing, but this is going to change in the coming weeks.

What they say about Elokenz

To prepare this article, we asked our users if they wanted to say something about us. We couldn’t publish all the answers, but we picked a few ones.

“Elokenz gives us the possibility to put our communication to social networks on automatic piloting and so, save a lot of time every day!”

Johan Lopes – Founder @Klapp


“Elokenz has become one of my favorite content marketing tools. It doesn’t just save time. It increases exposure of my content, which effectively helps me grow my audience and mailing list. Highly recommended!”

Dubie Bacino – Founder @FriendFiler


“I appreciate being able to set evergreen posts and forget them. Being an independent author, I do all my own promotions and being able to automate anything means I’ve more creative energies to dedicate to my writing.”

Jonna Hawker – Award-winning author


“First tool that fully understands and resolves this basic need: how do I program the re-posting of my best content online in a way that is non-intrusive and effective, even over long periods of time? Recommended.”

Robin Good – Speaker, Author, Curator


“Elokenz has been a lifesaver. We love being able to add all our articles to one place and have them shuffled and shared! The user dashboard seems to get easier with each update, which is beyond helpful for our busy team. The weekly and daily stats are also a big bonus, and very insightful.”

Megan Mosley – Marketing and Operations Specialist @Referral Rock


“I love using this tool – it’s easy to schedule social shares with the Elokenz library of RSS feeds I’ve built. I love their analytics so I can see what is working on each of the social networks. You can edit each of your shares too quickly! “

Lisa SicardInspire to Thrive


“We found Repost on Launching Next and it’s been awesome at helping us automatically share 50+ blogs and eBooks that are evergreen to help us bring in new visitors. It saves us a ton of time while keeping our social feeds active.”

Alan Dodaro – Content and Product Marketing  @Hireology


“I British and we’re broadly *terrible* at self-promotion – but with Elokenz I could schedule some Tweets to share my content without that awkward feeling. It really works too. When Elokenz shares my stuff people respond – and I can see which things they respond to most and do more of that. Simple, effortless and effective. Like a good tool should be.”

Andrew CS – Founder @Optimisey


If you want to read the story about what it was like to build Elokenz, go to page 2. If you just want to see the birthday discount, jump to page 3.