Meet the team behind Elokenz v2

Elokenz v2.beta is soon to be released and we thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to the team behind the project. Historically, the project started with 3 people : myself (Jean-Christophe Lavocat), Timothée Jeannin and Arnaud Rachez. As the time went by, professional obligations forced Tim and Arnaud to accept really challenging positions in great companies. Tim became product manager at LetSignIt and Arnaud became data analyst at Google (he is not working there anymore).

When your Startup team split apart and you need a new one

Therefore, the project went back to ground zero in September 2014. Elokenz team was chopped down to only one guy with some skills in many fields, but no real deep expertise. Optimally, I wanted to create a team with balanced skills between technical, design and marketing and between men and women.

Therefore I started to attend few Startup Week-Ends to meet startup enthusiasts in the South of France area. This is how I met Fanny Arles who is now officially joining Elokenz. This is the occasion for us to give you a quick présentation (come on, we’re French, so we’ll try to drop some easy French words along our blogging life here) about ourselves.

Hi Fanny, who are you ?